Decentralized Capital Budget Programme - 2020 (Colombo District)

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 GN Division

Project Name

Allocation (Rs.)
 Ranala Sri sambuddha jayanthi mawatha developing (width 12ft, length 300ft) 500,000.00
  Delgahawatta, cross lane developing (width 12ft, length 350ft)  500,000.00
  Cutting port lane developing (width 12ft, length 400ft) 500,000.00
 Nawagamuwa Nawagamuwa Pilip Thilakawardhana school's ground developing 500,000.00
  Nawagamuwa Suwarnabhumi Mawatha balance part water suppling 200,000.00
  Nawagamuwa Shantha Ana Temple developing 500,000.00
  Nawagamuwa South Mithri Bhodhi Wiharaya fixing solar panel 500,000.00

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