Due to the corona virus spreading across the country, only the most essential services can be reached to the office. Please be inform to us for the other services by the telephone. The telephone numbers are given in the contact details. 

Please be kindly noted that the below self guidance instructions are to be followeddue to this critical situation

  • Please be think and make sure that, which are the most essential services only you are reached to the office.
  • Always try to come by single person wise who are really wants to achieve our services.
  • Please follow all of the good health practices before you reached insight in to the office.
  • For the motor vehicle revenue license renewing Services – Please be try to do it with www.gov.lk and get it by online.

Please be kindly reduced the times of travelling and try to be always keep your hands in clean.

You can obtain further details from the following link of the website of Epidemiology Unit, Ministry of Health about present situation and guidelines to prevent from Corona (COVID -19)


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Corona virus spreading across the country

Corona virus spreading across the country

Due to the corona virus spreading across...

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Daycare center opening

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